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Is there an app anywhere like Letterboxed that will let me and a small group add films to for a regular watch party?

That's basically it.
Maybe a notes field, and added by field?
IMDB integration?
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Would any sort of shared todo list app work? Even Apple Notes or Google Docs.

You shouldn’t be having watch parties of covid is still prevalent in your community though.
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Make a google form that everyone saves a link to on their phone/web browser?
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Best answer: I use Movie Night Bot to keep track of my pandemic movie night group's suggestions, but it is specific to the Discord chat server infrastructure. Folks type commands like '--insert ghostbusters' in chat, and the bot does a search on imdb, displays a summary and movie poster, and asks for confirmation that it got the right movie. If it gets the wrong movie (e.g. the 1984 version instead of the 2016), you retry with '--insert'.

There's some polling features so people can use react icons to vote on what to watch next, and it keeps track of who added what movies when you output a list of all the movies (with link to imdb).
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A group letterboxd account?
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