Rewiring Traction Control System Button on a Honda Fit
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I'd like to install a control panel for controlling custom interior foot well lights, dash cam, and other accessories in the bottom left of the drivers dashboard in the spot where the Traction Control toggle button is since there's a few empty button spots. But I don't want to lose the TCS control, how do I add it's functionality into the control panel?

Here's a newer model showing the location of the switch (my model is a 2012, but location is the same)

Here's what I was thinking of for the control panel

What I'd like to do is replace the existing OEM traction control button with one of the toggle buttons from the control panel. I think there might be an issue because I believe the OEM TCS button is a momentary button that you have to hold down for a few seconds to activate and the control panel is maintained toggle switch. Is there any easy way to get this to work? Should I consider just replacing one of the toggles in the control panel with an off the shelf momentary switch that would fit in that mount, would that work?
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I would start cruising race and/or other custom car forums for Civics, and this thread. This thread might get you pretty close in terms of an actual build. There's nothing behind those blanks that would prevent you from just installing a rocker switch on top of it or sawn into it.

Lots of civic forums or other general honda forums are probably not going to have Fit centric information, but like, honda buttons are honda buttons. They'll give you process to follow.
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I would guess that a toggle switch isn't going to work. Check it out if you'd like - turn off traction control, turn the car off, and turn it back on. Traction control isn't turned off anymore is it? (Guessing here, but I've never heard of it being done otherwise). So you're actually actuating an intermittent switch, which tells the computer, and the computer manages the switch state while the switch returns to its original electrical state. There's probably some trick you could use to make this work, but it's probably not as simple as you'd like. As noted by furnace.heart, there are Honda forums which may have ideas what those tricks would be.
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A subscription to one of the sites that provides wiring diagrams and shop manuals would answer your question. You can get access through some libraries if it's more money than you feel comfortable spending.

Sadly, the days of buying paper manuals or bootleg CDs on eBay are behind us.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your ideas! I've posted the same question to the fitfreaks forum. The more I think about it, the more I think that the OEM button is just a momentary switch since there were just two wires coming from it. I've found some wiring diagrams online for the Fit, but nothing that includes the TCS button on it.
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If you have a multimeter with a continuity tester it'd be easy to figure out if it's momentary or toggle. Touch both multimeter probes to the button's contacts and push the button then release.

If it is momentary, just go ahead and buy the panel you linked to, remove one of the switches measure the hole diameter, and find a replacement on Mouser that fits the hole.
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