Cheapest Parking at Newark Airport
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What are the best spots for cheap parking at EWR? And walk me through what needs to happen.

I'm looking at a Sunday 9:30am departure from EWR. Looking for the cheapest parking, which is seemingly off-airport, which is fine but there are so many options and I don't really understand the difference or benefits of any in particular.

I don't care about safety of my car so much--my car is a dinged up old hag. So long as someone doesn't actively smash in my windows or slash my tires, I'm ok if it gets scratched or covered in bird shit or whatever. My priority is cheap and also ease of getting to the airport.

With your recommendation, can you walk me through the process of what to do when I get there? How much time I should allow? I want to be at the airport no later than 7:45am (I HATE feeling rushed at an airport).

The last question I found here is from 2016, so looking to see if there are updated suggestions and also maybe options or timing have been affected by Covid?

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I usually park at "The Spot" - there are several, but my usual one seems closed right now, so I can't vouch for the other one.

Alternately use this site with an additional coupon 70SAVE (5$ bucks off - not affiliated, just dug it out of my inbox). I've had pretty decent record with them. Sort by rating, then choose second or third cheapest.

I usually give myself 30 min (though it's a bit faster usually). I prefer actual parking places to hotels as it feels like their shuttles would be faster.
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Pre-Covid, I used The Spot too. The commercial off-site ones are -much- faster at getting you to the airport and getting you back to your car than the airport's long-term parking.

I don't think there is a rhyme or reason as to which one, tho. The entire area around EWR is sketch, so ... choose the one that's closest to your highway exit and on a main thoroughfare.
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I use EWR's own long-term lot, it's gated and guarded, the shuttles to it run constantly.
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I too have often used EWR’s long term lot for periods of two weeks, in all seasons, going back years. I have never had a problem. The lot is patrolled, fenced, and camera-monitored. Buses to the terminal seem to come often during the times I’ve been there (also all hours, often returning after midnight from the west coast). And here’s the one chance I’ll ever get to tell this story publicly: once in a post-two-days-of-flying-from-the-Arctic stupor, I left my iPhone on the seat of the shuttle bus at 2AM and didn’t realize it until I was on the NJ turnpike headed home. Panicked I drove back. The kind agent at the payment booth called security, who located the bus en route, stopped it, retrieved my phone from where I left it, and brought it back to me at the kiosk. At 2:30AM.

Union employees, and they did me a solid. I damn sure wrote their supervisor a note and that’s why I always go back.
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Also to say that for me, I hate letting anyone else other than my mechanic drive my car. So the offsite lots are straight off the table for me. At EWR long term you park and retrieve your own car. And keep the key.
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Response by poster: EWK lots are more expensive than I want to pay. I specifically stated in my post that the priority is cost over security. Please consider that when responding, thanks.
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I just ran a search and it looks like the lowest you can do is about $11 a day.
The Parking Spot, recommended above, is $15 or so a day, but they accept discount codes and give you a $6 discount for signing up with them. Many off airport lots have a weekly rate, lowest I saw being $80 (remember parking is taxed). The cheapest EWR long term lot is $18 a day.
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