Help me find this Johnson & Johnson risk visualization
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I recently saw a great visualization of the risks associated with the J&J vaccine. The visualization consisted of thousands and thousands of dots being displayed, with an occasional blue dot (meaning that person's life was saved by the vaccine) and a incredibly small number of red dots (blood clots). But I can't seem to find it now.

My daughter received the J&J vaccine and is very worried. I'd like to send her this graphic to quell her fears.
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LadyOscar has it! It's from Wapo.
posted by DTMFA at 4:33 PM on April 13

Response by poster: Bingo, thanks LadyOscar!
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The blood clot thing is also, I could be wrong, but a time based thing. So here in Australia with the Astra Zenica (similar clotting issue) is that if you received dose 1 with no clotting issue, you are safe to get dose 2. I think it's 4-10 days post vaccine? Worth checking. I know they say a headache is normal a day after the injection but if it's day 4 then get checked.
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1 event per 1.1 MILLION doses are lottery odds.
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