The trickiest lawyer question probably ever!
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There are a group of schools in Europe called "The European Schools" and they are actually an intergovernmental organization. For that reason, if you want to appeal a decision then it needs to go to board in Brussels. How would I go about finding a lawyer familiar with these situations that could help prepare an appeal?

I know this is a long shot, but you never know! Thank you in advance for any answers! Probably the lawyer could be from any of the countries.
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Could you ask the mods to tell us what country you're in, in case that helps?

In your position, I would take note of the deadlines for filing (which seem very short) and prepare to file the initial documents myself if necessary, and I would call the complaints board and ask politely if they have a list of legal counsel who appear before them consistently.

You should also join parents facebook groups or similar groups, even alumni groups, specific to these schools and ask this question there.
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Also -- another strategy --

If you look here you can search for published cases; those cases if you click through enough times, some seem to include the names of the relevant advocates.

From that I got this name -- Me Muriel Gillet -- who of course I do not have personal experience with, but this person seems to have practiced before the board this year if I'm reading this board opinion right.
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Other names I've seen on looking through other published opinions:

Me Augustin Daoƻt
Me Nelson Briou
Me Marc Snoeck
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There ist also a searchable database of lawyers within the EU. I would select EU law.
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