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This is a follow-up to a question I asked earlier regarding LinkedIn for two careers.

I was considering setting up a separate LinkedIn profile for my voiceover career, as it turns out quite a number of casting agencies have a presence on the platform and put out casting calls.

I have since found out that having more than one profile is against LinkedIn's TOS and if I were discovered, they would ban both of my profiles. I have nearly 15 years' experience in my "day job" and I don't want to gut the profile in favor of my VO career because LinkedIn has been extremely helpful to me in finding job leads and interviews, and I gotta eat and pay my mortgage.

I am worried that if I include information about my VO life on my profile it will make recruiters in my field (accounting) take me less seriously when I network/apply for jobs. That said, my VO coach says that there is a lot of VO work that can be found on LinkedIn and moreover I should be posting my demo publicly anywhere I can. (She has been working as an advertising casting agent as well as a voiceover artist for over 20 years.)

Am I overthinking this? Is there a way to split the balance here?
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How often do you need to look for accounting jobs? Can you just switch your content to VO while you have a job, then switch it back when you're looking for another accounting position?

I would also question if your fears of not being taken seriously are founded here. Accountants, as you certainly know, are not the dry, colorless corporate drones the media sometimes portrays them as. I doubt your current or future employer expects you to list 'studying GAAP vs IFRS guidelines' as your main hobby or that you calculate double declining balance depreciation tables by hand on the weekends for fun. And if they do, would you really want to work there?

(I am a financial analyst and I can confirm that our industry is full of people with creative and interesting hobbies.)
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Best answer: (I work in the financial services industry but not accounting.)

I have seen people list both their side career and main career progressions in their LinkedIn and it's not stopped me from interviewing (or hiring them if we got to that step). In the interview you'd really want to be prepared to speak to how you will balance or prioritize should there be a conflict regarding your availability. Some people may see the creative work as a sign that you are less "committed" but I think that is more of a concern in public accounting or places that have a true "busy" season.

I don't recommend switching your LinkedIn content between the two primarily because people are looking at your profile when you are not necessarily looking for new opportunities (for work or networking).
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I would just use a second email address and a slightly different name. I don't think linkedin has the technology to detect this kind of thing on a facebooky level. Worst case scenario, if they deleted your profile, you could make a new one and not have any huge losses (besides your connections/recommendations, but are those that valuable anyway?)
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