How to care for a baby alligator lizard overnight?
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I may be caring for a baby wild alligator lizard overnight until I can bring it to the wildlife hospital in the morning. How should I care for it?

I live in the SF Bay Area. This afternoon we found a large alligator lizard outside, playing dead, being harassed by some feral cats. We brought it to the local wildlife hospital (it was alive but I wasn’t sure if it was injured). Then just now, we found what looks like a baby alligator lizard. The wildlife hospital is likely closed for the night and I don’t think it will survive the feral cats on its own - it looks unhurt but is moving slowly.

What should I do to keep it alive and safe overnight if I can’t drop it off tonight?
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Best answer: I'd put it in a decently large box with a towel and some sticks and rocks and a heating pad on low under 1/4 of it. A damp sponge and a shallow tray of water too. Make sure there's plenty of dark spots and it should be alright if it's uninjured.
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Best answer: My partner has worked in wildlife rehabilitation (though not with alligators) and agrees with SaltySalticid. Basically just leave it in a warm, dark box until you can get it to the hospital.
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