Best Adhesive for Cheap Honda Dashboard Plastic
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I have a 2011 Honda Fit and I've like to use plastic cable ties to route my phone cables around my dashboard but none of the adhesive seems to like the pebble-y texture of my dashboard. Can anyone recommend a good adhesive for bumpy surfaces?
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I suspect others may have better suggestions, but Velcro Outdoor Heavy Duty Strips (4 in x 1 in) might do it (?).
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3M VHB double sided tape is pretty amazing stuff.

It's pretty expensive on a per foot basis, but worth it. You can get different widths as well.
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You may want to consider Sugru! I have seen it used for a very similar purpose
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Command strips work.
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I was going to suggest Sugru. Also, if you're not doing this already, make sure you clean the surface thoroughly.

The first thing I'd probably try is a 3M Command squares with some kind of loop around the cables, but you're probably tried that already.
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(I am as ardent a fan as exists for 3M’s Command line, but the adhesive has failed in hot environments for me, so it might eventually peel/slip on a sunny dashboard.)
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You can buy stick-on wire guides that work great. Little black rubber discs about the size of a quarter with a channel in them that holds the wires. So much neater than loose wires and way more secure and polished looking than cable ties or whatever, and cheap. I’ve had them stuck all over my car interior to route phone wires and dashcam and radar detector wires, and they stay on forever or come off cleanly even on pebbled plastic surfaces. This is the solution you want. Here’s a set for $7.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Forget Sugru and separate adhesives. Unnecessary.
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What spitbull said, plus Gorilla Glue double sided tape.
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Also be super careful sticking 3M or Gorilla Glue double sided tapes. Some surfaces will be damaged by removing them, basically anything with a soft touch feel.

I’ll just add that I put my rubber wire guide discs in 7 years ago on a then new car. 90,000 miles later, not one has fallen off of the various surfaces on which they are stuck. In a car with a dark interior they’re nearly invisible. Also, if you’re wondering how they work, the wire channel in them is tight and has a little lip. So when you snap a wire or two in the channel, it’s staying put, but you can still pull the wire easily through the channel, just not out of it without a good upward tug.
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Also because I’ll never get another chance: Sugru is bullshit. I’ve tried it for a hundred things it’s supposed to do well. It never lasts. It doesn’t hold. I think the hype around Sugru is absurd.
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