Celebrating 10 years of book club
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What should we do to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of my book club? I’d like to do something to mark the occasion.

Relevant details: We meet this coming Friday. The book is already chosen. We meet in person (in compliance with COVID restrictions — there is almost none in our area). We eat snacks.
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Best answer: One suggestion is to find a 2011 vintage wine (assuming people usually drink, ignore this if not). Looks like some wine stores in my area have a few extremely affordable options.
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Best answer: Congratulations! Maybe a group donation to your local library or literacy foundation, or the Dolly Parton Imagination Library?
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Ask members to bring a few books and do a book swap.
Lists - make a list of all the books the group has read. Ask members to make some lists of favorite books and books they didn't like, discuss.
Celebratory snacks/ meal, wine.
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dress as a character from (or even just prepare and deliver a passage from) your favorite book. Everyone else has to guess what book it was.

or everyone brings a food to share that featured in one of your books.
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Get a personalized message celebrating the occasion, delivered by a favorite author/character (if adapted into a movie) through Cameo.

For a recent work event, Elijah Wood delivered a Lord of the Rings themed message, which was particularly memorable.
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