Please help id this moth
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I'm not having luck with insect id sites. jpg
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What part of the world did you see this moth? Was it in a particular habitat?
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Response by poster: My mom saw it in Beaumont, Texas which is SE Texas on the Gulf Coast. She saw it while walking around her apartment. Beaumont is near marshy land, but is not a marsh.

(also, the Big Thicket is in that region. It's a pretty cool place.)
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Best answer: I think it looks like a lunate zale, Zale lunata. Check out the Zale lunata images on BugGuide. The species is quite variable, so some of the images look more like your moth than others. Here is an example of one that I think looks quite similar. If it's not that species, it's probably another zale.
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The iNaturalist app works very well for nice clear pictures like that!
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I skimmed this and read it as "Please help id this month".
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