Searching for the name of a mid-80's sci-fi TV show/mini-series
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This silly little thing haunts me - the name of an 80's sci-fi TV show. Maybe a mini-series, or very short-lived I think....

It was sometime between 83-86. The premise was some sort of alternate universe where a family from our world ended up.

I seem to recall the 'portal' was through one of the great pyramids. And the alternate universe had high-tech and low-tech aspects. Robots, or cyborgs were featured, I think.

I've tried googling, amazon and IMDB - with no luck, or anything that at least seems familiar.
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Google says Otherworld.
posted by pracowity at 10:42 PM on March 29, 2006

Yeah, that definitely sounds like Otherworld to me.
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Thanks - thats the one. I never did catch more than 2/3 episodes, but it seemed well done to me at the time. Enough to remember 20 years later.
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Didn't that show have Axl F as its theme? That's all I remember about it. Young sohcahtoa loved it, however.
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Excellent I've been meaning to ask this question for ages!
Was there an episode where they re-invent pop music for a region of the world that hasn't had anything like that before?
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Ah, the Pop music episode, where they rip off every successful artist and call it their own. They get massively popular, like the Beatles, but the are fraught with guilt over stealing the music. That's the only thing I remember about that series. That, and the eye on top of the pyramid, on the back of the dollar bill has some sort of significance. Wow, what a trip. Thanks for the flashback.
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That's the one where everyone held their guns upside down, right?
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Don't remember about the guns, but the Pop Music Episode ("Rock and Roll Suicide" I'm guessing, from those listed here) featured them performing David Bowie's "Modern Love."
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I didn't mean just that episode, but the whole series. I think the Zone Troopers' guns were flipped around so the barrels were under their fists, not over them.

Thanks for asking this question. I'd forgotten about this series and remember I used to love watching it.
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I remember that show. Damn, that's one show that really needs to make it onto DVD. And Max Headroom.

Seems that there were actually 13 episodes of "Otherworld" but only 8 ever aired. Interesting!
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