Animated short film featuring snails...
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A friend of mine happens to have two of them, and is quite fond of the duo. I would like to surprise her with a video of there's, which is creative, maybe even a bit funny, but definitely emotionally stirring for her to watch--something along the lines of this: Thanks!
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This is the only thing I can think of with snails in it.
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So there is a sort of gross and terrible pair of slugs. I used to watch some of the videos but the gross and terrible aspect finally drove me away. But maybe you or your friend will like them! I just looked them up and they share a story with a snail in the first video of this compilation (LARVA).
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Hey, thanks a lot guys... love the fact that the pair of snails have been incorporated as well as they have in the music video, and seem to be in love with each-other, any portmanteau. The Larva compilation was hilarious, Glinn. (:

Don't worry, she's got a twisted sense of humour so this would be right up her alley!
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More than a pair, but 1 METRE/HEUR might be appreciated.

I haven't watched this since I saw it at SIGGRAPH'18 and I remember being concerned there might be some snail peril, but these are very resilient happy snails!
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On second thought: watched it again and there is SOME snail peril.. :(
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A game, not a video, but fun-- the creature is sort of a snail with one frog leg, like an amuse-bouche of French stereotypes. Saltacol
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Has she read The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating? It’s a memoir that is full of glorious snail tidbits, quotes, fun facts, and a snail. The memoirist is both bedridden and a keen observer.
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Here's a music video featuring real-life snails, made by Aleia Murawski and Samuel Copeland – and they have a lot of other snail content on their Instagram account.
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Oh, and here's another snail-centric music video from the same directors.
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Probably not exactly what you're looking for, but it seems that snails have been having quite a moment recently - The Adventures of the Snail and The Whale and there is even a (political) opera.
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Awww, this is great stuff you guys--I'm sure she's gonna love these!

Haha, don't worry Alterscape... I was kinda worried what the snails would do too, after one of them was ...snail-napped? And then another, but you're right--these snails are as resilient as they come.

Thanks a lot for the game, The otter lady... sounds glorious, and as soon as I download Adobe Flash, I'll be sure to play it!

childofTethys, gee whiz, man--that book sounds great!! If anyone's interested in reading it online, might want to check it out here...

lisa g, the Instagram link you gave me is a gold-mine! Thanks a lot, and for the vids as well. (:
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Hey Dotty, the adventures of the snail and the whale sounds like it'd be a lovely video... thanks! And the Political Opera is intriguing enough for me to start watching it right now. :)
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The author of Sound of Wild Snail Eating turned their book into a short film as well, you might be able to find an online screening through the film’s website. (Full disclosure: I met Elisabeth at a film festival and we have corresponded since, a lovely person and a beautiful snail film!).
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That is way cool, soy!

I did come across the mention of that film, but had yet to look into it, and now I will. Still can't find it anywhere online, so will keep trying. And, wow--is Elizabeth Tova Bailey not only responsible for the memoir, but also adapting it and then Directing it as a multiple award-winning-short... man, talk about talent. This woman is amazing.
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René Laloux's short animated film Les escargots might be up your alley :)
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Thanks man, will be sure to give it a watch once I'm back on...
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