Keycaps for obscure William Gibson novel heroines?
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Some years ago, I was impressed by a William Gibson character's laptop: it had one-of-a-kind turquoise inlay. If high-quality handmade keyboards set with semiprecious stones exist, they're out of my price range. But the world is full of custom keycaps for mechanical keyboards! Do you have a favorite source for artistic or handmade keycaps?
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Zaprisco sells a line of anodized titanium keycaps that come in a range of profiles and colors. They were designed by Orangeworks. The cyan color is not far from turquoise. Admittedly it would cost a small fortune to outfit an entire keyboard, and you'd have to get them laser-etched if you wanted labels.
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Definitely look on Etsy (but the first pic is NSFW!)
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Cyan is probably going to be the closest without shelling out huge bucks for a custom set from (part of Signature Plastics). You may want to consult SP's color chart to see which color is to your fancy. Seafoam, for example, is more pastel blue than turquoise

And the way PMK/SP works is you have to pick enough subsets to fit your entire keyboard.
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The Sandbenders? I always remembered his descriptions of that group and their devices!
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