What can I make with almond butter?
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I need to eat almond butter to maintain a tolerance and prevent allergy. Besides almond butter on toast, mixed in to oatmeal/yogurt/smoothie, what else can I make? I’d like to find some recipes to diversify my almond butter intake.

I am a pretty competent baker and a decent cook. I need to avoid other nuts, peanuts, and sesame, but can eat most other things.

Googling turns up lots of recipes for almond + butter, but finding “almond butter” specific recipes are hard! I can also make things with ground almonds if I grind them myself, but am looking mostly for almond butter recipes at this point as I don’t have a lot of time to roast and grind nuts.
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Crispy Almond Butter Cookies! - ok yes the recipe says peanut butter but I always make them with almond butter and they're delicious. My favourite cookie.

Also you can buy ground almonds/almond flour at a lot of grocery stores these days and it's a LOT easier than grinding it.
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I have chopped nuts in my oatmeal every day.

You could substitute almond butter for peanut butter in cookies of recipes with peanut butter based sauces. You could also try substituting almond butter for tahini in hummus. Also, have you considered almond milk? Homemade almond milk is a revelation, it’s worlds better than the stuff from a carton. It’s like the difference between fresh squeezed orange juice and store-bought.
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Strawberry Oat Bars - it says you can sub in almond butter for the peanut butter. Maybe look for other recipes with peanut butter and experiment.
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Almond satay sauce
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Flourless brownie muffins - yum. A lot of these dessert recipes uses peanut butter, but you can also use almond butter.
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Almond butter tofu from Purple Carrot. I haven’t made this recipe but their dishes are usually pretty good, and it’s on my to-make list.
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Satay - excellent! I'd go savoury too. Hummous bi luz ?? Coarse ground cooked garbanzos, almond butter, olive oil, garlic , salt.
Or a good dollop in a curry with onions, coriander greens, carrot and potato cubes. Basmati rice on the side.
Would go well with peas too.
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(You could skip the sesame oil in the above recipe - either leave out or use an oil you tolerate)
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Basically anything where you would otherwise use a nut-butter, like peanutbutter or hazelnut butter (nutella) will be fine with almond butter. So you might google for recipes with peanutbutter, for instance.
These days, I eat a lot of romesco sauce -- I have some in the fridge right now. It takes minutes to make and keeps well as a delicious savory condiment/spread thing.
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Would almond milk (in place of all your milk use) work?
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Similar to the Purple Carrot link, this Baked Peanut Butter Tofu does work well with other nut butters. I also put nut butter in my ramen with a healthy dash of sriracha because I'm a weirdo, but it's pretty good regardless.
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These homemade granola bars are super delicious and very versatile.
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Almond butter puddin'
1. Notice that you're both craving something sweet and lacking the will to do almost anything at all. Shamble to kitchen. Find almond butter and a spoon.
2. Stab spoon into almond butter and grab an enormous pile. Put into smallest bowl. Like a baby ramekin.
3. Find box of raisins in cupboard and a spoon. Scrape spoon over the surface of the raisins in the box until you loosen a pile. Pour the raisins into the bowl on top of the almond butter.
4. Mix the raisins into the almond butter with one of the spoons.
5. Return to paused streaming movie or TV show. Eat puddin' in very small bites in each of which is at least one raisin.
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Sea Salt Chocolate Quinoa Bars. The recipe is pretty flexible; you can sub the seeds/nuts for whatever you can eat (I've done so) and you definitely don't need spirulina.
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Is almond butter ground almonds? My friends make totally decadent brownies with almond flour; you could reduce other fat because of the oil in the almond butter.

There are lots of almond cookies, incl. macarons.
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I eat it with sweet potato toast.

1) Slice into approximately 1/4 inch pieces. Bake at 350 for 15 to 20 minutes. Flipping once half way.
2) Store in sealed container in fridge. When ready to eat, pop in the toaster like you would a piece of bread. Spread on almond butter, and whatever else you might like (hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, etc.).
3) Enjoy.
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Half a cup of quick oats in a bowl. Make a little well in the middle. Grab a tablespoon of almond butter (I use peanut butter but I'm assuming similar) - not accurately measured is fine, I use the spoon I'm going to eat with later. Place spoon&AB in the well, pour over enough hot water to push the AB off the spoon and wet the oats. (Too much water and it will overflow at next step, I'm sorry I don't have exact measurement, it's probably around half a cup or a little more.) Remove spoon, microwave bowl for 2 minutes.
Top with maple syrup (approx 1 teaspoon) and milk.
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(oops. I see you already mix in to oatmeal.)
Second those flourless nut butter recipes.
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almond butter and peach/pear sandwiches

I used to eat them all the time for some quick on-the-go, no cleanup energy. Sounds weird but imagine a PB&J with almond butter instead of peanut butter and a different fruit instead of grape jelly.
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Mix almond butter with Greek yogurt, dip apple slices or pretzels.
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One of my favorite quick meals is nice instant ramen with a scoop of peanut butter mixed in to the liquid, plus a handful of frozen vegetables or mushrooms, maybe with an egg cracked in. I bet that would be great with almond butter, in fact I might try it myself!
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I used leftover homemade almond butter last week in place of cashews for murgh makhani (butter chicken) and it was fire. There's also somewhere in the AskMe archives a recipe for oatmeal almond butter chocolate chip cookies that's amazing.
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anywhere you'd use peanut butter: in buckeyes? cookies? I also use almond meal to make marzipan.
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I love Bitchin' Sauce. Good as a savory spread on toast, nice as a dip for veggies, makes a sandwich sing!

Sometimes I buy it because supporting small business is good. Sometimes I make a facsimile of it, because cheap kitchen tastiness is also my thing. Usually I use whole almonds, but you could totally use almond butter + garlic + nutritional yeast + lemon juice + Braggs aminos + spices of your choice + oil & water to make it the texture you like.
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Yum, almond butter is delicious!

You can substitute almond butter for peanut sauce. Here's a google search.

Make your own nutella by melting some chocolate into it.

Put it on celery.

Put it on sliced apples.

Put it on a spoon and just eat it.
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Similar to romesco, you can also use almonds as a base for a pesto! I usually toast half a cup, then grind toasted nuts with a few cloves garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, and whatever greens I'm using (basil, parsley, or actually this is exceedingly good with sundried tomatoes in place of greens). If you're careful enough with the toasting you could probably sub almond flour.
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Use in place of tahini in a hummus recipe.
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Use in place of tahini in a salad dressing recipe.
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This funky pizza place I used to go to in college would do a sauce base that was caramelized onions blitzed up with almond butter and then roasted peppers and mushrooms on top. It was incredible.
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I really like these 5-ingredient banana almond butter muffins. No added sugar and very easy to make.

You might try searching for paleo baked goods, which frequently use almond butter (or almond meal/flour) as an ingredient.
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