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I'm a reasonably fit male-bodied person carting around a bit more in the saddle, especially after a year of pandemic quarantine. I like short and fitting running shorts, but I'm looking for something with a more forgiving elastic waistband. All the ones I've tried are seemingly meant for dudes with bony twentysomething midsections. Options?

My go-to shorts a few years back were the Nike Dri-Fit, but the last few years, it seems like the styles have gotten simultaneously baggier down below and strangulating with the elastic up top, even when untied. The last pair I bought in 2015 or so were much more forgiving in the waistband, but unfortunately I've worn them to shreds after using them as my daily short over the past year. Who nowadays makes comfortable 5" inseam running shorts for fit bodies that nonetheless carry a little extra in the back?
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Best answer: Lulumon might work for you. I've also found that the Nike Running stuff has been more focused on dudes that are just skin and bones who have a deadlift max of like 50 pounds. You'll probably need to go up a size though.

They cost more, for sure, but in my opinion the extra cost is still in the realm "you get what you pay for".

Edit: Also, at least for the guy stuff, Lulumon has tiny, tiny logos, so you won't be a walking (err, running) billboard.
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Best answer: Rhone is my go-to for technical wear lately. Same observation as you w/r/t the Nike fits over the years...
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