service that takes a text playlist and lets anyone listen to the songs?
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Is there a service anywhere that will take a text playlist and play the songs, letting anyone can listen, even without an account?

For example, suppose I had this list:

'Til Tuesday - Coming Up Close
Ramones - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag
Roxy Music - Avalon
Taj Mahal - Take a Giant Step
Living Colour - Cult of Personality
Joe Jackson - Fools in Love
Blasters - I'm Shakin'
Stevie Wonder - Golden Lady

I would love to be able to pass that list via API or something to a service (Youtube, Spotify, whatever) and have it play those songs (or as many of them as possible) for anyone and everyone who followed the link, without requiring the listener to have an account.

(I would be happy to create an account myself, especially for API access; I just don't want listeners to have to have an account.)

I have a LOT of playlists, so it would be especially nice to be able to automate this using Python or other automation tools.

Does anything like this exist?

Thank you!
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Well, I don't know an existing service that does this, but some sort of Python script could be cobbled together to do it with YouTube, I'm sure. It wouldn't be pretty, but could be done. I wrote two different YouTube Python scripts that I regularly use. One takes input from the user, searches the input, and then emails the links and titles. The second one was adapted from the first, searches the input and downloads as video/audio/whatever. I'm sure a script could be written to search input and then play them one at a time.

I also found a Python API library for Spotify. I don't know if it can do this out of the box, but at least it shows there is an API that Python can work with.
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