Reunited at the end of the world.
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I want a playlist of songs that reference or describe being reunited with a (former) lover at the end of the world. Do you have suggestions?

I have two songs so far:
Kate Miller-Heidke, "The Last Day on Earth"
JP Saxe & Julia Michaels, "If the World Was Ending"

The songs don't need to have the world actually ending; as with the above songs, I'm fine if the lyrics are about someone dreaming or imagining the end of the world and/or the reunion.

- I'm open to all and any genres.
- I only speak English and Spanish, but I welcome songs in other languages as well.
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Maybe none of them fits the exact theme but this is an excellent album anyway: Until the End of the World.
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Maybe too metaphorical for you, but Matt Nathanson - Room at the End of the World. Even more metaphorical: Jack's Mannequin - Dark Blue (it's subtle, but it's there in the bridge).
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Without referring to the end of the world, does reuniting in the afterlife count? See Death Cab For Cutie's "I Will Follow You Into The Dark."
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Seconding that Death Cab song, which came into my head unbidden when I read the question.
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Wasteland by the Jam
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Does it count if the protagonist is sorta responsible for the end of the world and the love interest maybe isn't interested? That's Jonathan Coulton's The Future Soon
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ELO’s “From the end of the World” is as right there!
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They Might Be Giants - End of the Tour
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This could fit - Roxy Music - The End of the Line
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Vera Lynn's We'll Meet Again gives me this feeling, almost entirely because of its famous & grim appearance in Dr. Strangelove. (Second link is a spoiler if you have not seen Strangelove.) 
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We Will Become Silhouettes, The Postal Service
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Maybe Sax Rohmer #1 by The Mountain Goats? They’ve got several songs that reference the end of the world - take your pick.
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It’s not necessarily a reunion, but Modern English’s I Melt With You features two lovers at the moment of nuclear apocalypse (similar to the Postal Service song above).
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Not sure if this fits, but I thought of this song when I read the question...Meet Me At the Edge of the World by Over The Rhine
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Does it count if the protagonist is sorta responsible for the end of the world and the love interest maybe isn't interested? -- Mchelly

Also, Josh Ritter's Temptation of Adam.
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