Recommend a Plus Size Athletic Swimsuit
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I’m getting back into swimming and need a new suit. Criteria:: must fit a US dress size 20; must have a t-back or other high back strap, not just shoulder straps. Also, one thing I don’t like about a lot of athletic suits is the thin fabric. Thicker weave or a lining would be great. Please let me know if you have one you like!
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I had this exact issue a few months ago! I highly recommend this suit from Active Truth- free international shipping.

Thick, supportive fabric and I've found that it wears really well.

If you'd consider a two piece, the Byron crop and their other two pieces are also incredible. Basically feel like a slightly compressive sports bra in swimsuit form.
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Speedo has a ton of swimsuits, many of them of thicker cut and with T, cross, or other straps in the back, and some of them with fairly extensive sizing. See, for example, this Solid Moderate Ultraback suit that comes in sizes 20-24, in a durable fabric (that stuff's usually thicker), and with T-straps.

If you wanted to go budget Speedo to see if it would work for you, Costco has a T-back that goes up to size 22 (that's the XXL) for very cheaply, as they do every year. I can't promise the fabric is as thick, though - that varies per year.

I usually shop Swimoutlet as their sizing and pricing are better than 'sporting goods stores'.
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So a lot of time “athletic” swimwear for women comes in two thicknesses: competition weight (thin, single layer) and practice weight (thick fabric or lined thin fabric). I have bought practice weight dolfin (they have an all-practice line called uglies), speedo, tyr, arena, Nike, adidas, etc- I usually go to the closest sporting goods store and hit the sale rack, I have no loyalty- but if you are shopping online, suits that blend at least two fabrics (polyester, other -esters, elastic, Lycra, spandex, etc) with no fabric over 90% alone is often a sign of a practice suit. While some say they fit up to dress size 22, all these brands run small in my experience, but hopefully the “practice suit” or two materials thing helps you find the right suit at another line.
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I bought this one and loved it.
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Here to second the Speedo Moderate Ultraback recommended by librarylis. I lap swim a few times per week and I just buy a new one in a different color when it wears out .
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I wear women's size 16 clothes I guess. I have a Dolphin Uglies size 38 that fits fine. I always preferred Speedo suits in my competitive swimming days, so I thought I'd try getting a black flyback size 38. I could not get the Speedo over my hips. I guess I just want to warn you, Speedo seems to run small now, at least compared to Dolfin.

I'd probably go with something like this if I were you.
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