Happy Caturday - suggest pair names for these flame point brothers
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My family is meeting a pair of three year old flame point Siamese mix boys on Monday and has been approved for adoption assuming all goes well. I generally try to be open to keeping previous names if they suit, but these two are currently part of a St. Patrick's themed batch and came from a hoarding situation so I don't think they'll mind us finding something we like a little better.

Cat tax, current names gotta go:

And for good measure, here's our current resident cat, Mira, in case that factors into your suggestions.

Basically anything goes for these guys, but here are some things we've considered so far:
Duos and siblings from literature and mythology (no Rowling please)
Stars and planets/astronomy (Castor and Pollux)
Musicians (wife and I love Mercury and Deacon but my other partner is less enthusiastic)
Scientists (Hubble and Kepler)
Food (Pancake and Waffle)

But we haven't landed on anything that seems absolutely perfect just yet. What we know about them so far is that that Limerick (the slightly cross-eyed one) is extremely social and outgoing and loves everyone, while Leprechaun (more nose freckles) is more reserved.

A previous pair we adopted were nearly Rosencrantz and Guildenstern but ended up being Mabel and Dipper (from Gravity Falls) so we're definitely open to a pretty wide range of obscure and obvious suggestions (though maybe a small explanation if it's not super obvious would be appreciated!). We're gamers (digital and tabletop), nerds, runners and hikers, and food and music enthusiasts, and would love to hear some suggestions from the hive mind on the perfect names for these guys. Thank you!
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Ruairi / Rory and Clancy etymologise to red-haired and are more Irish than St Patrick who was Welsh. Flynn, Rooney also . . .
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They are gorgeous!
My immediate thoughts were Toffee and Caramel because of their beautiful coloring.
Congratulations on your new family members!
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My wife wanted to name our cats Bingley (outgoing and sociable) and Darcy (reserved) before we found better names for them. Might work for these two.
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Sweet handsome lads! How about: Holmes and Watson, Newton and Faraday, Einstein and Curie?
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I have a cat with similar coloring. There were some good suggestions on my naming post.
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How about Felix and Oscar?
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Wilbur and Orville
Frank and Jesse (James)
Wilhelm and Jacob (Grimm) Willie & Jake
Harpo and/or Chico and/or Groucho and/or Zeppo and/or Gummo Marx
Duane and Greg Allman
Joel and Ethan Coen
Woody and Arlo Guthrie, father & son
Alex and Eddie Van Halen
Bert and Ernie
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They both strike me as very thoughtful. Makes me think scientists or philosophers.

Emerson and Thoreau; Whorf and Sapir; Salk and Sabin; Michelson and Morly; Locke and Rousseau; Watt and Boulton.

Richelieu and Mazarin, which isn't on the theme but I just like.

You could also take one person with a cool name and split it up. Sethra and Lavode, for example.
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Edison and Tesla. Or Thomas and Nikola, if you prefer.
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Elladan and Elrohir
Elrond and Elros
Merry and Pippin
Fili and Kili
Legolas and Gimli
Samwise and Frodo

Can you tell what I've been reading?
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Sandy and Dennys

The twins from Many Waters by Madeleine L'Engle
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You could stick with an Irish theme: Daigh (Dei) meaning fire or flame and Lugh (Loo) light/brightness (also a Celtic god).
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Hap and Stance
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Seconding Merry and Pippin.
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Jeeves and Wooster
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Calliope and Arion. Greek mythological names.
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Lemmy and Freddie. Lemmy isn't that far from Limerick, and he's kind of a citrus-colored cat for another layer of meaning. Then yes of course please name a cat for my patron saint Freddie Mercury.
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Ian and Tavish.
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Rostam and Sohrab
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Wimsey and Parker, or first names Peter and Charles. Poroit and Hastings. Rory and Fox.
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Mars and Mercury (cold planet, hot planet) and good alliteration with Mira.
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Oh, how pretty they are! Walter and Jesse (Breaking Bad. Blue eyes, blue meth.)
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Rom and Rem (short for Romulus and Remus)
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Sumac and Sesame (or Saffron)?
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Curry/Ginger/Turmeric. Chamomile.
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Or squashes: Butternut & Acorn
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Jeff and Dave. Not for anyone, I just like animals with mundane human names.
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I had a Mutt(f)& Jeff(m) for 19 years, they were littermates. Best cats ever.

My current feline duo are unrelated females, Pooka & Pixie.
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Quark and Rom
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Jordan and Pippen

Perry and Mason
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Desmond and Brubeck
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Amos and Alex
Corky and Dr. Pearl
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Calcifer & Apollo.
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How beautiful!

I enjoy Pancake and Waffle.
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