Need a recommendation for a sex therapist who can do telehealth.
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Just what it says on the tin: my partner and I have a lot of tangled issues and layers of trauma, and I think we need a sex therapist to help us sort them out if we're ever going to have a sex life again. I very much doubt that I can find a good, queer-friendly therapist in our rural area, so I assume it's going to have to be telehealth, though I know that's probably not ideal for this kind of therapy. Bonus points if you know someone in Maryland, because that will probably help with insurance, but it's not a deal breaker.
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The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) is a well-respected organization for the training and certification of sex therapists. The search function is mostly geographical but it will give you a starting place. Right now, many, many therapists have had to figure out how to work via the internet. I would find some likely therapists and then just reach out (email or voice mail), give them a very minimal description of what you are looking for and ask them if they have an opening for a couple. My experience with regular therapists is that many are so swamped that won't return your call if their practice is full so be prepared to reach out to a bunch of people and see who gets back to you.
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When I was shopping therapist I talked to Jennifer Greenberg who is in Bethesda MD. She sounded fantastic for this type of thing. I went with another therapist for what I needed based on fit and price. I have a list of others that would probably fit too if you memail me
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