Reader's Theater Scripts with multiple girl protagonists?
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My niece (7) has started reading voraciously and loves theater, so I've been converting some of her favorite books into ~15 minute plays to act out. Most of the books she reads have a single main protagonist (i.e. the fabulous Princess In Black series) but ideally the play would be at least 2 female or gender-neutral protagonists, so siblings can collaborate and there's not always one "star". Any ideas on children's stories with 2+ female protagonists that could be converted to dramatic scripts, or actual children's plays I could purchase?

Would prefer no romantic elements although it's fine if there are minor plotlines -- most focused on adventure/magic/comedy/silly situations!
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On a whim I searched for [American girls plays] and found this. The used prices are more reasonable. No idea what the plays are like.
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Frog and Toad, Betsy - Tacy
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Ramona and beezus.
Ivy and bean
The clementine books
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Raymie Nightingale.

There are two follow-up books (one about Beverly and one about Louisiana).

I've read them aloud to several year's worth of 5th graders to great enjoyment of the kids.

I think it would work perfectly for you.
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Seconding Betsy-Tacy! I recently did a reread of the entire series and it was just as good as I remembered.

For fairy tales, there’s “Snow-White and Rose-Red.”
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The Saddle Club books have three female protagonists (and making prop horses might be fun?)
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Bink and Gollie. Most of the books are already dialogue.
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Would be over-egging the pudding? Variants of the tale have fewer princesses.
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The Major Eights series is about a group of girls starting a band. It’s a lot of fun, some (minor) friend group drama that all works out well in the end.1
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My daughter loves A Bargain For Frances which has so much funny dialogue between the two girl leads, that she loves to quote.
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If she might be interested in musical theater, definitely check out Really Rosie! It’s for more than two kids, but could probably be done with fewer just for fun. There is a soundtrack you should be able to find to learn the songs, and the play is published in Theater for Young Audiences: 20 Great Plays For Children , which also looks interesting!
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