What do I search to find a wooden bed like this one?
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I'd like to get a bed a bit like this one or this one but probably not these because I don't want rattan. Basically, I'd lie a wooden headboard that sort of curves or angles in like a hug. I see so many that are upholstered, but I really want one that is wood. How do I find this (preferably in the UK)? And thanks!
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Hmm. Yeah tricky. Found this This is a custom made headboard only. That, coupled with enquire for price, suggests it will probably be expensive.
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Oh, just to add “wingback headboard” is the term that was helping me search.
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Definitely "wingback headboard"

Are you okay with spindles? Here is one.
Here is a gorgeous vintage one in solid wood. The curve is not as pronounced as modern versions.
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I think the search term you are looking for is "French Corbeille Bed", they are mostly found in antique dealers e.g. Beadsteads. These tend to be either upholstered or Bergere (rattan) because making such a large a curve with solid wood would be super expensive. They do exist but are quite rare.
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Response by poster: Ooh wingback headboard sounds like a great search term. Love those French Corbeille bed but yes, expensive, and not quite it. Thanks!
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