Rule requiring that UK law firms be open about soliciting business on FB
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Maya Goodfellow's book Hostile Environment talks about vulnerable UK immigrants being taken advantage of by law firms. On FB, anyone looking for terms like "visa" finds a scattering of groups like "UK Spouse Visa" that I am curious about. Specifically: whether there is some rule (whether a FB rule or a UK lawyer rule) requiring firms to make it clear that they are soliciting business, and not (as they might appear on first glance) just hosting a generic FB discussion group?

(Disclaimer: You are not my barrister, etc.)
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Best answer: Don’t know much/anything about Facebook, but I do know that there’s legislation in the uk that means only appropriately licensed/approved/qualified people can offer immigration advice. *

*source: I once served as a juror in a case where an unlicensed person had done so - he was convicted
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Best answer: Rules for conduct are here.
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