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Can you point me to a WordPress theme that looks similar to this Squarespace page?
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The top, at least, looks similar to the top section of the Novellite theme. As for the stuff further down, it's not quite the same, but perhaps you could make it work.
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Response by poster: Thanks - it's actually the bottom part I'm more interested in replicating!
posted by NotMyselfRightNow at 2:19 AM on April 2, 2021

I would imagine any Wordpress theme could do that. It's just a two column table, left-justified.

I use PoFo, which can do that, but I suspect it's overkill. I would also suspect that any free WordPress theme that comes pre-installed on your host could do that as it's very basic.

Essentially it's a two column table so in your theme, you want to look for those terms (either table, or rows, or columns).

If you want to duplicate the top part, you want something called Parallax scrolling. They've used a photo background and put some text on it and enabled parallax scrolling.
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It's not a table, it's not tagged as a table, and it should not be tagged as a table, because it's not tabular matter.

Years ago, I created a WP theme that had a similar hanging-left header, but I have not updated it to be compatible with the latest-and-greatest features in WP.
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