A dear colleague is departing - what's a great parting gift?
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He's leaving a family-like non-profit for less responsibility and more money in the corporate world - fantastic for him, but he's a super nice human who will be missed. Because we're all working remotely, there won't be a chance for the team to say goodbye, so I'm putting together a few surprises to be delivered to him. Ideas for great/funny/endearing departing/good luck gifts?
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I know you specifically asked about gifts, but for those who wish to send greetings and cannot afford to contribute to a gift, MeFi recommended Kudboard and I found it to be fantastic for colleagues (all working remotely) to share memories and fond wishes for our colleagues who were moving on to new opportunities.

This might be a nice digital surprise to include. If it's appropriate, reach out to his clients or people he served so they have one last chance to give him some positive feedback.
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When a dear colleague retired, we did a book via newlywords. It was super easy to use. You can generate a pdf. But the super nice thing is that you can edit the layout and then have a hardcover book printed. I was pleasantly surprised by the really nice, thoughtful things people wrote and the pictures they attached. Having a physical hardcover book made it a more substantial gift, in my opinion.
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Made a similar switch as your colleague and the culture change has been jarring at times. My former co-workers and staff gifted a vintage art print that represented our subject matter, and on the back wrote very kind things. The art hangs in my current office, and when I'm feeling out of my element I flip the art over and read those kind thoughts. The art is always there as a nice reminder.
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For a beloved colleague who recently retired, we created a virtual book for many people to sign. Then we also held a smaller one-hour Teams call, which did have an agenda, with particular people tapped to speak about her, with everyone on video and chiming in with love and appreciation in the chat and live. It was really wonderful, and she loved it.
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I always liked a really nice bottle opener.
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