Font Size in Google Doc for 5/32" spaced lines for blank journal?
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I'm looking to make a blank journal with lines spaced at 5/32ths of an inch. Is there a font size in Google Docs, that I can use to just make a line of continuous underscores, or space with underlines on, that would achieve this?

I have a journal currently that has lines spaced at 5/16ths of an inch, but I double up on the lines (using an eyeballed imaginary line between them) in order to cram more writing per page, so I wanted to make a new one which would have that narrow of an actual line..
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For the size you're suggesting, that's about 70 lines per page: you could use Google Sheets, make column A wider, select 70 cells from it, then print as pdf, selected cells, fit to height. There are formatting suggestions for gridlines, either in the sheet or when printing.
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Response by poster: For what it's worth with regard to different methods as suggested above, the page size is A4 (8.27" x 11.69"), with 0.25" margins..
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You'll want to check if one point is 1/72 or 1/96 inch in your OS -- Windows went to 1/96 for some reason when the typographic standard is 1/72.

5/32 is 15/96 inch (easy) or 11 1/4 72nds or points.

But the easy way to specify your grid is, as said above, in Sheets.
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Does it have to be done in Google Docs? Inkscape would let you do this easily.
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Incompetech's Lined Graph Paper PDF Generator might do the job for you. I chose 2.52 lines/cm on A4 paper (click the paper icon to select) with ΒΌ" margins. Measuring the resulting PDF in Inkscape I got 0.156" line spacing and 0.3" margins all round, 72 lines/page. I suppose you could choose 6.4 lines/in (= 32/5 per inch) to much the same end, but I'd never think to start off in US customary units.
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Nice tool!

I used it to specify A4 paper, 0.7 points line thickness, 6.4 lines per inch, 0.25" margins and downloaded the resulting PDF. Then I used pdfunite to make a two-page version of it suitable for double-sided printing, and it actually got smaller.

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