ZTE N9130 cell, need to kill stock Voicemail and Messenging client
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I have cheapo Android cell, service through Tello costs 6 bucks a month unlimited calls/texts, I want to use on Google Voice along with iPhone, problem is that this android sometimes picks up SMS and voicemail before Google Voice client. I carry this thing on bike rides and/or anywhere else where I want a beater phone

No matter how many times I hit the "Force Stop" of stock ZTE Messaging and Voicemail client they do not stay stopped; there is a grayed-out "Disable" button on both of them, so I know it can be done but I don't know how.

I have Google Voice app on the phone.

I've missed any number of voicemails/texts due to this.

I am close to taking a hammer to it, which will bring large happiness; still, I'd prefer to use the phone.

Any help appreciated
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Wev need to work out why Google Voice isn't handling all the duties you expect it to. There is a setting under Apps for the Default App for voice and SMS, which you should be able to nominate another app that says "I can handle voice calls" in the manifest that lists its capabilities. Try there.
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Response by poster: Hello k3ninho --

Thx for prompt response.

I'm assuming that you were/are referring to Apps (through Settings) and then the Default App for Voicemai and Messegine. I've not been able to make any changes through those apps. callsI then went to the Voice App on my laptop, started banging around on this setting and that one. I do not -- yet -- know if any of the changes will make ir work as i'd like. (I've found that sometimes just banging around can show me the answer, or at least get me closer to where I need to be. I just want it to work, is all. We'll see.

Again, thank you for your prompt response. Wish me luck over here, cross your fingers, knock on wood, whatever; hell, you could even cross you eyes, along with your fingers.


Anyone else has any ideas / solutions, or possible solutions, please do let me in the loop.

I just want ro get this thing right -- I cracked screen twice on last iPhone -- bike rides can ge awfully hard on iPhones. So I leave the iPhone home when I' out carousing

Any help greatly appreciated; thx in advance.
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Can you toss it and get a cellular Apple Watch instead, one with a sapphire screen?

Or if not, maybe it’s a carrier modified Android issue and you can you install a fresh version of Android OS?
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Can you explain more about what's happening with missing texts? Is it a situation of someone texting your Google Voice number and it only shows up on the Android cell and not elsewhere--on your iphone or in the Google Voice web interface at all? I've experienced Google Voice fighting with my phone's voicemail, which makes sense, but texts ending up in the wrong place sounds odd.
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You have to root the phone. Those apps are marked system apps and the OS has designated them as ineligible to be disabled, and since they are technically the default app, system will reload them as needed. Once you root the phone, unmark them as system, then disable them, then voice/sms will take over as intended.

As for how to root, check XDADevelopers to see if it's possible.
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