What's your non-Amazon online retailer of choice?
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In an attempt to retrain my shopping habits, I'm looking for retailers that cover a decently broad category (i.e. Chewy for pet needs, Powell's for books) rather than item-specific sellers. Product reviews & fast shipping are important to me. Not being owned by Jeff Bezos is also important to me.
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B&H Photo for electronics
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Newegg for computer stuff, Crutchfield for home/car AV equipment, Monoprice for a little from column A, a little from column B.
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Bed Bath and Beyond has saved me from a lot of the kind of "I need a spice shelf" household goods Amazon purchases I would've made in the past.
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I buy ebooks through Kobo.
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I used to spend way too much money at Target. Now I spend way too much money at Target.com. Shipping may take a day or two longer than Amazon, but it will be packed much better, and if time is a factor, I can opt for local delivery or in-car pickup.
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Sock Dreams for socks, stockings, and odds & ends like sock glue.
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Target is not without its problems but overall it seems slightly less evil than Amazon on many counts. Their product quality is less iffy and they have a strong shipping infrastructure set up. I often use them over Amazon if I have the option.
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Another third for Target as my big box retailer of choice.
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Home Depot’s website is not the worst for a lot of household supplies, and you can do tool and truck rentals if you have a store nearby and can drive.

I’m a big fan of Zingerman’s for gifting and/or fantasy window shopping. I’ve rarely ran into a dietary restriction they don’t have something a little special for that I could gift someone with.

Seconding Monoprice, they’re the best.
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I get a lot of grocery-type items from Vitacost. Per Wikipedia, they’re owned by Kroger.

I also get a lot of household items from Target online.
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ebay is my fav alternative to amazon.
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Bed Bath and Beyond has been my go to for many (but not all) household needs. It helps that returns can be made to the store! How essential is fast delivery? The human cost of 2 day delivery is steep, and even if Amazon is the leader of the pack in worker surveillance, it's practices are being popularized.
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On the topic of target - I was turned off at first because they quoted very long shipping times, like three weeks. Everything I've ordered from them has come much faster. Not the next day, but as spamandkimchi points out, that has a big cost.
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• Uniqlo for clothing, especially underwear & socks
• REI for recreational and outdoors stuff
• B&H for computer, photo, and other electronics
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King Arthur for baking stuff—they’re employee owned.
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Gardeners Supply is worker owned too. Lee Valley Tools.
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I've bought a bunch of outdoor gear from Backcountry over the years and have always had a good experience.
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Public Goods
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ebay is my fav alternative to amazon.

I’ve often gone to eBay to avoid Amazon. More than once the eBay seller has just gone and purchased the item I bought from them from Amazon and had it shipped to me. It’s maddening.
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On the topic of Target, get their RedCard (get the debit not the credit card) and everything is 5% off with free shipping.
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jet.com, maybe?
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Rockauto for auto parts? So many parts listed on Amazon are cheap, knockoff crap, including pieces that appear to be OEM or brand-name but aren't.
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If the main objective is To Not Be Bezos, and we're throwing Target on the table, I don't see any reason not to throw Walmart and their website into the mix as well.
Both are different brands of difficult and/or evil, but No Bezos involvement.
With the Mart of Wal, the website works, tons of products, multiple choices of pickup and delivery, etc.
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7 digital for music downloads
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Tell you what, with the rise of counterfeit items, I have started buying direct from the manufacturer for many items. I’m finding that shipping is free a lot more often than it used to be, and for items where I’m really concerned about authenticity, I’m willing to pay.

I would add Costco to the list of online purveyors of general crap. Shipping is quick and the quality, authenticity, and generous return policy are the same as in the store. Otherwise my default Amazon substitute is Target.
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I like to buy beauty and cosmetics from Sephora and Nordstrom.
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I stopped shopping at Amazon in December so I've been figuring this out too! Stuff like shower curtain liners, mass-market hair and beauty products, random household goods, I've realized I can actually get at the supermarket along with my groceries (whether that's in-store/curbside/delivery). Whether or not there are reviews really depends on the supermarket, but these are mostly things that I bought on the regular anyway - I don't really need a review of the deodorant I've been buying for the past 20 years.

The other place I use on the regular that hasn't already been mentioned above is Staples for office-y stuff and stationery.

I've also found, though, that I'm not buying quite so much random stuff, which wasn't my plan but it's nice. I mean I'm definitely buying SOME random stuff (hello alto recorder and budget sous vide immersion circulator) but I think it's less?
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Ulta and Sephora for skin and hair products. Best Buy for electronics if they have it, other joints like Monoprice if they don't. Ordering online and getting curbside pickup is a snap, and a nice option if you need an item right away. Target and Costco for basically everything else.
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