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I have fallen for the affordable and lovely to write with the Platinum Preppy pen. It's refillable but the new ink cartridge I put in a few weeks ago stopped working. Hope me?

I have unscrewed the pen, gently squeezed the ink cartridge, and then left it upside overnight, and no dice. (I got that advice from a pen subreddit.) I am not sure what else to do!

And yes, the title is a reference to this.
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Try using distilled water to rinse out the pen, then put in a new ink cartridge. How does it do after that?
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When you say upside down overnight, you mean with the nib down? Have you tried wetting the underside of the nib with a q-tip? Or shaking (?) the pen. Shaking isn’t the right word.
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The ink can dry out. I'd just try a new cartridge, or switch to a refillable "adapter".
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Dip the nib into water and dry it off, then write.
(Check the cap [it's a cap-within-a-cap, the smaller inner cap is spring-loaded, keeps air away from the nib] for cracks.)
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Best answer: If there’s a converter that will temporarily work with the Preppy, using it to rinse water through the nib will also help. Ink flows to the nib through capillary action, and it’s my understanding that this works best on a wet clean nib. Old ink can gum it up. I have a refillable Lamy Safari, and if I don’t flush the nib with water between cartridges, I have the issues you’re having with your Preppy.

Just soaking the nib in a little jar of cool water for a few minutes will also probably do the trick. I don’t think you necessarily need to start with a new cartridge: just set the current one aside for a few minutes in a position where the ink won’t flow out.

This is a really quick fix, in my experience.
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Best answer: One more thing: I found this: Platinum Preppy: A Comprehensive Guide.

A converter is indeed available, and the procedure for using it to install bottled ink in the pen (where it becomes the “cartridge”) is also the procedure for flushing/cleaning the nib: just fill a small jar with water, use the piston to drag water through the nib and up into the converter, then reverse the procedure so all that water goes back out through the nib. Then replace the ink cartridge. You’ll want to do some test writing until the ink is flowing again, because you’re going to get watery writing initially, but it won’t take long.

It’s always useful to have the converter for any fountain pen you own, and I thought the link might be more helpful to you in the long run than my initial answer!
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And I endorse Jetpens 100%. They have EVERYTHING a pen nerd will need, from pencils to pens to fountain pens and much more, including all the accessories, converters, ink, and much much more.
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I've had luck with a few controlled snaps of the wrist while holding the pen over a garbage can to get ink started again.
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Best answer: I would also try rinsing the pen and then changing or refilling the cartridge. (If you don't want to spend money on a converter, you can also buy an ink syringe on jetpens and use that to wash out and refill your empty cartridges with any ink you like.)
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Response by poster: Update: I have tried flushing the pen repeatedly and it will work for a few moments and then nothing. I will try changing out the cartridge next. I don't want to spend money on converter or an ink syringe so I may just be SOL if this doesn't work.
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