I just need one option.
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I am looking for a simple, easy-to-use service that is hosted in Europe (I am in the US) and offers document storage, collaborative text, and spreadsheet editing between two people. Something that is user-friendly without too many rough edges. I would like a company that cares about privacy and the environment. Bonus points for open source.

I am willing to pay. Would prefer free, but not at the expense of privacy.
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Previously on the blue.

Possibility #1

Possibility #2

Possibility #3
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Response by poster: I am looking for specific recommendations, please. Not lists.
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The closest I have seen is HackMD, used by the OpenStreetMap Foundation who have many of the same concerns as you. It covers document storage and collaborative text. I have never seen a spreadsheet application that meets your requirements, unfortunately.
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Best answer: Would CryptPad fit your needs?
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I’ve only used Nextcloud a bit personally, but I’ve heard a lot of great things about it. It’s open source and has collaborative editing via the Collabora office suite which is open source too. Nextcloud has some hosters that they partner with, many in Europe, so you wouldn’t have to run it yourself.

I can’t say it’s 100% what you need, not having run it myself, but I would start by signing up with one of those hosters and taking it for a test drive - it does check a lot of your boxes.
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Best answer: 2nding Cryptpad
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