Please help me find storage of a very particular size
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I am trying to replace a piece of furniture in my bathroom that is wedged between the pedastal of my sink and the tank of my toilet: No wider than 14" No deeper than 13" No taller than 25"

So far, I'm only finding stuff that is too tall or too wide, but perhaps someone here has a better search method.

Current piece is from ikea ~10 years ago, a nightstand i think.

I've looked there but can't find anything that fits the same dimensions. Based in the US, but honestly happy to shop internationally if it helps me find something the right size.

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Modular units might be your best shot. Something like this?
posted by praemunire at 8:46 PM on March 23, 2021

Wayfair's filters will let you set specific dimension restrictions. (Though you should verify in the description text before actually ordering!)
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I have something like this by the sink in my tiny little bathroom.
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You could also look into having something built to your specifications by a furniture company or woodworker in your area.
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If you’re so inclined, those dimensions are extremely easy to use 1x12 boards to make something yourself.
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What sort of furniture would you like? Target has a few storage carts that seem like they would fit. Here's one. Shelves like these. Drawers like these are very close.

I'd probably want to build shelves and put baskets on the shelves for storage.
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Just came across this 3 drawer cabinet in a catalog I've never seen before. It meets your measurements. They also have this one.
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