Continue watching the show Scrubs?
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I decided I wanted to watch a show I could give half my attention to, and everyone says Scrubs holds up really well. And I've now watched season 1, and it's pretty actively sexist, homophobic and transphobic. Is this a season 1 thing, does it improve significantly, or is it people who liked it the first time and are blinded by their happy memories? (I have that for my own things, it isn't a dig.)
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The latter, it's one of those things where people have fond memories of it but if you go back to it it stands out like a sore thumb. If you're picking up on it now, it's not going to be any better for you the further you get.
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Yeah, the last time I rewatched it did not hold up well at all, and honestly the residual happy memories are the only reason I managed to get through the rewatch.
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It eventually gets to a point where the core characters are nicer to each other but the background of constant sexist, homophobic, ableist, etc etc jokes never really stops.
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Crystal Dave's assessment is pretty good. I wouldn't describe Scrubs as having aged super well. The humor does get a bit better after season one, but not enough that I'd say stick with it.
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It doesn't get better.
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Oh my god no. It does not hold up at all. The sexual politics are trash from start to finish.
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If you’re open to alternatives, maybe try Superstore.
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Yeah no it's not great at all. But I agree with jeoc that Superstore is pretty darned good.
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I loved “Scrubs” when it first came out, but on rewatch, it has frequent problematic storylines and dialogue. This is prevalent in the entire series, and I can’t get through more than an episode.
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I loved it when it was airing, and have the first few seasons on DVD. I started a rewatch last week and only got 1.5 episodes in before having the same problems you mention. Especially because the other rewatch I was considering was Brooklyn 99, and just the Turk/JD dynamics compared to Jake/Boyle were so strikingly "no homo". I had to nope out.
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I've found The Good Place to be a better background watch and scratching somewhat similar itches.
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Scrubs is such a sad case, given that it's full of such top-notch talents. But, yeah, the sheer mountain of sexism alone is insane. I also agree that Superstore (at least the first few seasons) is a really good watch.
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I was coincidentally talking about Scrubs very recently with a trans friend, and she also commented that the show was very transphobic. I think she really liked the show when it first aired, which was before she transitioned, but looking back, she remembers the transphobia.
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I wonder if the episode "My Screw Up," in Season 3, has these issues. I ask because I loved that one episode. But I admit I can't remember if it avoided the issues being discussed here. If it did, it might be worth watching just that one episode.
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Response by poster: I did give up, and I feel fine, thank you. (I have been watching Superstore from the beginning, though. I picked up Kim's Convenience instead.)
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