NaPoWriMo online accountability groups?
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I'm hoping to write a poem a month for April. Are there any online forums where members are taking it seriously, are engaged with reading one another's work (in small groups), and write at, say, an average poetry workshop level? Either these forums don't exist, or I must be Googling for the wrong terms, because I'm having trouble finding them.

- Representation of experimental and/or new formalist styles
- No requirement to share my real name
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Response by poster: Should be "a poem a day for April."
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Best answer: If you're willing to throw some money at this ($249), is doing this as a class. I recently took a nonfiction writing class from them and was really pleased with it. You would need to register with your real name, but there's no requirement to use it in the class.

In my class, about half of the people gradually dropped out over the course of eight weeks, but the people who continued with it were really awesome.
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I know of a monthly writing "thing" that serves as accountability only. There is no commenting on people's work, just the commitment to writing every day for the month. If this would hit the spot, feel free to memail me.
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