Cartoon about a superhero who is fondly remembered for his work as a chef
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Looking for a black-and-white cartoon about a superhero who spends his life saving the city/world, finally retires to pursue his dream of opening a restaurant, and when he dies his obituary says something like "Beloved Chef Dies" (making no mention of his decades of super-hero'ing)

The comic is taller than it is wide, made up of a grid of squares or rectangles (probably 4 to 6 squares across, and 6 to 8 rows of these).

Each square has it’s own tiny line drawing, showing the hero’s various action-packed exploits—fighting monsters, saving people from disaster, et cetera.

These heroic images take up probably the top 75% of the comic. The final bottom row or two show his restaurant opening, him working as a chef, presenting food to happy patrons. And the final image in the lower right is a photo of the obituary or maybe a newspaper headline.

I feel like it was very simply drawn (even more simply than the drawings in Diary of a Wimpy Kid) with the characters drawn like an oval or avacado shape with simple curved lines for arms and legs.

I believe the cartoon would’ve appeared in something like the New Yorker magazine or perhaps one of the free weekly independent newspapers that most big cities have. This was a "one time" cartoon, not a chapter in an ongoing series or anything.

I believe the artist was a professional, whose work is seen a lot. The cartoon would've been published sometime in the last 20 years.

Any ideas?
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Best answer: The Amazing Life of Onion Jack?
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Response by poster: Fantastic, thanks! Despite my mis-remembered description, that must be it. The final image in the piece certainly is what I remember.

I think I must've originally seen it in the book The Best American Comics 2006.
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