Parks with Magnolias (+ spring flowers) in/near Columbia, MD
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I am, for various reasons, in Columbia, Maryland in a neighborhood where none of yards or parks have the kind of landscaping I'm used to enjoying in the spring and I feel out of touch. I want to see things blooming--magnolias, other blooming trees, daffodils, irises, etc. What parks can I drive to nearby that have a good concentration of this stuff? Neighborhoods with nice landscaping is OK too. I would prefer not to go to Baltimore for Reasons. DC is possible but I'd l like closer options.
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The magnolias at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton should be blooming soon.
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To the best of my recollection (possibly out of date) there are some truly enormous magnolias on the grounds of the Patapsco Female Institute, and Whipp's cemetery has tons of daffodils.
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Drive around University Park, adjacent to the University of Maryland. College Park is nice, too. Note that these are suburban neighborhoods, not actual parks.
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Go to see the cherry blossoms in DC. I know it seems cliched, but the cherry blossoms were one of my best experiences living in Maryland. Peak bloom is predicted for April 2-5 this year. Go in the evening when crowds are more sparse. The areas around the tidal pool are like you are in heaven. In addition to the cherry blossoms, there are beautiful daffodils everywhere around DC. I hated living in DC, except for cherry blossom season. Spring in DC is worth the drive from Columbia, MD.
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The US National Arboretum in DC is wonderful and really worth a visit.
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