What kind of patio furniture should I buy?
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What’s the best kind of patio furniture? I live in New England and want to purchase some patio furniture for lounging. I’d like it to be comfortable enough to sit and read, enjoy the sun, and talk to friends. What kind should I get? Couches and chairs with cushions look super comfy, but can you actually leave them out in the rain? The space is not covered, and I don’t really want to put things away at night. What should I get?
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Anything from Polywood. It’s the only patio furniture worth owning.
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Yes, polywood stuff holds up great. I have some from over 10 years ago that still looks new. However, it’s not the cushiony, loungy style.

The best cushioned outdoor sofa I have seen is made by Outer. It has covers built in (I believe they also sell a more protective cover separately). I think at the very least you’re going to want to cover it in bad weather, but at least the Outer makes it easy.

For more like dining sets, Tropitone is great.

None of this stuff is cheap, but the cheap stuff does not last. I speak from experience.
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I've found (at least in Mass) that if you get cushions, you do need to put them away at night (or, at least, before it rains). A big plastic storage box with fake wicker is a pretty good solution for us- doesn't take any time to put stuff away / set it up.
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My parents leave their 90s era deckchair cushions in place 24/7, including through rain and snow. Said cushions are made out of some sort of uncomfortable plastic mesh and have survived 30 years of abuse. They are pretty grody by now (the chairs, not my parents), and about once a year as the weather gets nice, have to be scrubbed with Costco soap and a stiff brush to get the mildew out. It never 100% gets out, though.

I just put my deck cushions in a storage box before it rains. Takes 2 minutes. No scrubbing necessary.

If you want something that can stay outdoors 24/7 and is still really comfortable, consider an Adirondack chair?
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Fabric cushions feel best and must be put away.
Adirondack chairs look cool, but I hate the way they force you to lean back.

I love Director's chairs, have to replace them from time to time as the joints or wood will fail because I leave them out, but they're very comfortable, fold up if you want to store them.
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Zero-gravity chairs are super comfortable and can go from "sitting up to hang out with friends" to "lounge/read/sleep" in the sun in a second. I leave mine out all summer and then fold them up and bring them into the basement at the end of the season. You sometimes have to wash them as crud tends to collect where it folds, but a brush and some soapy water works fine for this purpose.
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Adirondack chairs!
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