What kind of foam are yoga blocks made of?
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I want a large light weight platform.

I want a platform that is 30" x 30" and about 9" high. But I also want it to be very light weight. So wood is out. I'm thinking a very hard foam. But when I went to go find foam it was all only the soft kind. What kind of foam are yoga blocks made of? That seems like it would be perfect.
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The ones I've seen are high-density EVA.
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Cross-linked polyethylene foam is also similar.
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I'd consider making it from rigid polyurethane foam poured into a mold, or by building up sheets of foam board insulation from Home Depot. Maybe skin the top with plywood. For the polyurethane foam, check with a customer service rep to see what density would work with your application. And use a mold release agent.
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Closed cell foam like plastazote is what you are looking for, it comes in different densities and is very firm. A packing supply firm or a crate builder (you can find them at a lot of airports) will sell you it, cut to size.
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