How can I fix this 403 error?
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I'm suddenly unable to access my school's online learning environment (I teach online). I get a 403 error and I'm pretty sure the problem is on my side. Please help me, the school's IT person just said "That's bizarre" and I haven't heard back from them again since Monday.

I'm using Chrome on a windows desktop machine. I don't get this error when I use Chrome on my laptop, I can access the site with no problem.
The URL I'm using is correct, it works when I use a different browser on the same machine. (I copied and pasted it from one browser to the other) I've disabled all extensions on Chrome - the only extension I use is uBlock Origin, and disabling it makes no difference. I've cleared browsing data, specifically cookies and browsing history.
I need to fix this as it's really messing up my workflow. I don't want to use a different browser, and I can't assess student work on my laptop for complicated reasons. Please help!
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Does it work in an incognito window?
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Was going to ask about incognito mode as well. Also I know you said you don't want a different browser, but it's worth trying the other browsers to at least diagnose the issue (it's it browser, OS, network level). I'd try Brave or Firefox.
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Oh also you can try resetting chrome settings if you're ok with it.

Other items to consider:
Are you using a VPN?
Anti virus or other anti malware software?
Any other new recently installed software?
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Do you get this at the homepage, the login page or after you've logged in?
403 is forbidden, so I wonder if it's related to your account.
Please try logging in in Chrome using incognito mode.
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Response by poster: Hmm! Running it in incognito mode means I can access the site. So where do I go from here?
I use Surfshark VPN - in fact I suspect it - but it's not connected. It doesn't show up in Task Manager so I don't think it's doing something in the background. I do use a Firewall but I haven't changed any settings...?
No other recently installed software.
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Do you have anything saved in the browser's password manager? Or use a weird bookmark to get there?
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If it works in Incognito, I would try clearing your cache (might want to try clearing cookies as well, to be safe). You can also try a hard refresh of the logon page (Ctrl + F5) - this skips any cached data and forces the browser to refresh the entire page from scratch.
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Response by poster: Clearing the browser data did the trick and I'm back on the site now. The mistake I made was to only clear it for the last month. I had to clear it for "all time". Thanks! Phew. Now I can maybe get some work done.
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This sort of problem is fairly common with banks, etc. "Erase all your cookies" is the authentication equivalent of turning your computer off and on.
Glad you got it fixed.
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Clean the browser cache using any cache-removing software. and then try. It will surely work.
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