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Inspired by an earlier question today, can you help me re-discover this comedian? The special/performance/set would have been late 90's or early 2000's. He was a slender, middle-aged to older gay man with a dry sense of humor. The first key joke I remember involves mistaking Yves Saint Laurent as "the night before St. Laurent". The second key joke involves someone asking a rural local person for directions to the hospital, and the local is having a side conversation with his wife and says, among other things, "He was stabbed. STAAABED." Ring any bells?
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Best answer: I don't remember those bits, but Rick Crom and Jim David are two openly gay comedians who came to mind.
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I think the joke goes "What do you call the night before Saint Lawrence’s Day?" Can't answer your question though.
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Response by poster: And the winner is Jim David. Thank you so much.
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Response by poster: For anyone keeping score - I found the exact routine on Spotify on his album Eat Hear Get Gas, the specific track is Trash de Blanc.
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