Articles or podcasts on naming racist actions?
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I'm running a small diversity discussion group at my institution which has some real problems with discrimination and harassment. One topic I would really like to discuss but haven't been able to find a good article/podcast for is what a productive, forward-looking response to such harassment would be. Can you help?

Some ideas I would like to include are:

It's important to actually name and hold people accountable for racist actions. So, if a faculty member yells a racist slur at a student and you do something about the yelling but not the fact that it was a slur, that's not enough.

It's important to have transparency. The victim has the right to know whether the institution took any actions and what their findings were. Are there recommendations for building such transparency?

I know this is covered in Williams's Strategic Diversity Leadership, but the group is only willing to read articles or individual podcasts, not entire books.
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Response by poster: Sort of an example, but about sexual harassment and not race is the clear guidelines from this national academies report on sexual harassment including information on transparency.
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