What is a safe, clean hotel that you stayed in Nashville?
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We are looking for a safe, clean hotel in Nashville. Have you stayed in either downtown or the Brentwood area? We are looking for about 120 to 220 per night (our price range).

We looked at the Omni downtown but some reviews talked about pricey parking. Do you have any experiences to share or specific hotels you could advise? We are looking to stay four days. Thanks!
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I will preface this by saying I haven't stayed at any hotel anywhere for over a year now, so I'm a little bit out of touch with current pricing, any pandemic changes, etc. That said, the Omni is very nice but I have no idea how much the parking costs, and overall I would not consider it a budget option. If you do want to be right in downtown, it would definitely be high on my list (also JW Marriott and Hermitage on the luxury end, downtown Hilton for the slightly less expensive).

If you are mostly shopping based on price and aren't as picky about location, the Hilton Suites in Brentwood is clean, nice, and very convenient on/off of the freeway. But it's not really walking distance to anything interesting.
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I last stayed in the Omni in 2018 and it was perfectly as expected for the price range (which is to say nice but definitely catering to less cost concious business travelers), though I've never had a car to deal with there. Self parking across the street is $24/day, which is about what I expect for parking in a downtown area; valet is $45/day. I'd agree that it's nice for downtown but not exactly what I'd call a budget option.
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Last time I was in Nashville was a work trip in June 2019. We stayed at Hyatt House Vanderbilt, which was recently constructed and had very nice kitchen suites (as well as regular rooms). It's located amid a cluster of hotels near Music Row and Vanderbilt University. Parking was about $30/night, but room rates were low enough that this should be well within your budget.

It's not in downtown Nashville, but it was only a 30 minute walk to the Lower Broadway area if that gives you some idea of how close it is.
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Its been a few years, but Hotel Indigo was nice and probably close to your price range, especially if you book through priceline or something. No idea about the parking. about a 10 minute walk to broadway.
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I live in the Nashville area. Nearly any hotel in your price range will be safe and clean. Try Hotels dot com and use the geography and price filters to learn what your options are. (I recommend booking directly with the hotel, but the website is a good place to start.) Also, read the reviews.

Will you need parking? Parking is more (if not much more) expensive at Downtown hotels. Brentwood is a southern suburb (15 to 20 minutes from Downtown) and some hotels may offer free parking.

How important is it that your hotel have dining options? Downtown hotels are more likely to have in-house restaurants and/or be within short walking distance of plenty of good options. Suburban (Brentwood) hotels may sell foods that you can microwave in your room. Or, you might have to go out to find something. ("La Quinta" is Spanish for "next door to Denny's".)

I'm sure you have your reasons but to a local, a Downtown vs. Brentwood choice seems odd. If you anticipate wanting to experience Downtown with its activities and nightlife, you should probably stay there. If Brentwood works in terms of your plans/activities, go for that. The distance between the two isn't that great. But, navigating your way into Downtown from Brentwood and having to locate parking could be more than you want to take on.
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