What is going on with my knee??
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A recent high-impact hopping around aerobics session left me with knee pain, although my knees were 100% fine before the session started.

The pain is in the back of my knee (not behind the kneecap, but way toward the back of my knee joint). It feels maybe like a twisted/sprained ankle would feel, plus if I squat I get a very sharp pain. My knee does not hurt when sitting. If I sit with my knee bent, my knee hurts much more when I stand up and walk than it does if I sit with my leg outstretched. When I walk, I have to keep my knee bent and walk on my tiptoe to avoid the pain. However, if I walk normally, it hurts and feels good at the same time, and actually makes my knee feel better. What do you suppose is going on in there?
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A hot bath effectively temporarily quite drastically eases the pain.
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You overtaxed your knee, causing a mild or moderate strain injury.

It hurts because it's damaged, and it feels better if you can favor it and give it a rest.

Usually for me this kind of thing clears up on its own, much faster with RICE. If it gets worse instead of better, call a doctor.
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I had not thought much about knees until I broke mine (technically leg, practically knee), but it turns out there is a LOT of extremely important and structural soft shit in there. It criss-crosses all over the place and holds bones together and it's kind of amazing that it all works in concert most of the time without thinking about it.

I am now an evangelist of Strong Knees, and what you should do is see a physical therapist and be trained in knee/leg strengthening exercises. But what you could do is find them on youtube. I'm a big fan of AskDoctorJo, and I also recently discovered Dr Jacob DPT on tiktok but his instagram (linked) has most of his content including a ton of amazing stretches.
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Seconding everything Lyn Never just said above (except for the specific injury - I actually did break my knee). There's so much going on musclewise in there that my orthopedist broke my physical therapy down into three completely separate stages, so the fact that you can sit just fine but squatting hurts makes total sense to me (we worked on bending my knee properly before we tried squatting with me).

But if it's in the back, this sounds like a hamstring-related thing. Have a look at this and see if anything sounds familiar.
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Also: consider getting new shoes. I did high impact stuff every day and the first tell that my shoes were "flat" was that my knees started hurting.
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