How would you make a self-guided walking tour, with an app?
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I would like to make a self-guided walking tour of some architecture and historic locations in the US, with an app rather than a paper brochure. What is the best way to do that these days? If you have done something similar, I would love to hear your advice as well. Bonus points if the way to do this is low cost or free.
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Best answer: I've tried a few waking tours with the PocketSights app. Nothing fancy but it worked. It's free to create your own tours.
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You should check out: and

There's another one, but I need to dig into my notes for that one. It might actually be the best for you, but didn't fit my needs (currently working on a music project using these).

If you memail me, I could definitely help you for a nominal fee to get up and running on one of these.
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The last one is
posted by lownote at 4:55 PM on March 13, 2021, but it's sorta limited to their platform.

A couple other names are Oncell, TravelStory, Nubart, Geotourist, FieldTrip
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There is an app called Go Jauntly that allows you to make guided swipable walks with photographs, but I'm not sure if it's UK only? Possibly worth a look.
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Best answer: I haven't MADE one, but as a frequently cheapskate traveler, I appreciate the lower-tech options because they tend to outlive platform specificity. For example, Rick Steves' audio tours were great companions when I've visited various famous spots in Europe, and they consiste entirely of an mp3 audio file and a PDF map (which I usually printed and took with me). And then I would just press play and pause as needed.

For a car-based tour, the app I used for a vacation to Oahu had great audio, but would occasionally glitch and sort of fell apart on things like traffic diversions, which further cemented my appreciation for simplicity and lower tech.

I have also used GPS My City, which has a "create your own" option that may meet your needs.

But also, like...don't underestimate a simple PDF/printed brochure, possibly with some companion audio files if you think that'll work for your use case. Especially when going around looking at sites, it's really nice not to have to fight with technology. Even as a fairly tech-happy person, I appreciate the simplicity of having something saved on my tablet or a paper in my hand sometimes.
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