Questions about working with a QRCs (as part of workers comp)
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Have you worked with a Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant as part of a workers comp case (or are otherwise knowledgeable about this)? I'm helping someone and not familiar with this area. Wondering how to proceed, how to evaluate whether this is likely to be helpful in the person's situation, etc.

Apparently QRCs provide a variety of services, from coming with the person to medical appointments and getting clarification on return to work/work restrictions, to help finding different work or retraining.

How to determine if the person really needs this middleman? How likely is the QRC going provide value to the injured worker vs protect the employer's costs? Are they evaluating the situation and going unduly influence the medical providers? The worker is worried, in part, about an injury many years ago will be fuel to deny treatment by claiming it's a pre-existing condition.

I have questions around what to watch out for, how to best help the person advocate for themself, when it would be advisable to consider the legal system (or are they just "ambulance chasers"), etc., etc.
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