Exercises / routine for forward neck posture
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I've got forward neck posture, and it's finally interfering with other things I want to do. So I am generally looking for things that could help with this, but also I remember finding a YouTube video off of reddit a few years ago that involved a couple of exercises you can do to retrain the nerves (or something) to help you keep good posture after you've worked on all the muscles etc, but I can't find it.

All I can remember is that the person on reddit said they did them in the shower. They involved standing with your back to a flat surface, kinda tucking your neck so that it was flatish / in the correct position against the wall, and then doing things with your arms.

Help me find this? And/or send me things that have helped you with forward neck issues?
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I think the search term you want on youtube is "forward head posture" -- a bunch of videos came up for me using that.
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Saw this on Youtube, a couple of doctors advising, but can't remember what I searched for to find it. Not leaning against a wall, just standing in the center of the room:
  • Raise your arms (so your body forms a capital "Y")
  • Slowly lower your arms (so they form a "W")
  • Pull your elbows in, trying to touch 'em together, behind your back
  • Raise your arms and stretch them out horizontally (so your body forms a "T")
  • Repeat.
All while holding your head high, with your chin raised and tucked in. Hold each position for a couple breaths.
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Watch the segment of this episode that is against the wall at around the 20 minute mark. Or just do the whole thing. Me and my slouchy partner just did this episode yesterday, I have never seen him with such good posture!
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I subscribe to a YouTube channel called Posture Makeover. I haven't seen any new content in about 6 months, but here's a good video with exercises to correct forward neck posture.
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This guy's website is great. He is a physio and offers exercises for forward head posture , Dowager's hump and thoracic kyphosis aka hunchback.

His website is called Posture Direct, and he introduces himself like this: I am a Physiotherapist who is obsessed with posture.
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Or maybe Bob and Brad, the two most famous physiotherapists on the internet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBFeWGUKLr4
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A physical therapist can help you with this
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