What is the make and model of this muscle car?
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I'd guess this is a 1960s/70s American Muscle car, if anyone can identify the specific make/model/year I'd appreciate it. Side view and back view.

Someone abandoned it on a property my work owns and we need the make and model to get it towed. As part of the towing process they will confirm that if it is stolen, which we assume it was.
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Best answer: My guess is a late 60s Camaro. This is a 69 (without a spoiler)

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As part of the towing process they will confirm that if it is stolen

You may be able to find out beforehand by getting the VIN (should be visible on the front dash, driver's side, or off the engine). Run that through CarFax or ask your local Cop Shop. You may also be able to get the year, make & model by putting the VIN in a NHTSA recall checking website.
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Best answer: Concur it's a first-gen Camaro

Taillight and rear wheel flare matches.
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It is a sought after car. Obviously not in that condition, but someone would likely want to restore that.
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That is a 1967 Camaro. 67-68 had the exact same body, but some very minor differences.
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It's a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro. The 68 and 69 did not have the vent window at the front of the doors.
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I see that this is already answered, so I just want to say that if it’s not stolen, that’s a very sought-after car, particularly the ‘67 model, and you could likely find someone who would be thrilled to buy it. They’re gorgeous when they’re restored.
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