17th century costume dramas
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Are there any movies that take place in 17th century Europe OR anywhere in the Ottoman territories, where the costumes are done really well?

I need good references on mid-17th century clothing. I have a poor visual imagination and written materials don't help me much. Drawn or painted illustrations are better, but high quality costumes in movies are best. (This isn't to help me create costumes; it's to help me imagine what things looked like.)

Stuff set anywhere in Northern, Southern, and Eastern Europe would be helpful; but I especially need help with Turkey, the Balkans and other Ottoman-occupied lands. Any and all social classes are relevant.

(Rembrandt and other 17th century Dutch masters paintings are covered, as a reference on Holland. Dem collars!!)
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Best answer: Alatriste!
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Best answer: With Fire And Sword is on Netflix and the costumes are delightful (current Ukraine region, mostly Polish and Ukrainian characters), based on the book by Nobel-laureate Sienkiewicz. Plus the movie's a fun romp, romance and politics and war of the adventure sort, with duels and sieges and beautiful Ukrainian countryside.

The Deluge is the sequel (shot 25 years earlier just to make things more difficult), a few years later and add more Swedes. It's currently available to watch for free in glorious restored HD in Ninateka - alas without subtitles, but the costumes don't need any. You can also get it on subtitled Blueray.

(There's a third, Colonel Wolodyjowski, also available in Ninateka, but it was shot first and the costumes are cheaper, so least useful for your purposes, unless after the first two you decide you want more Olbrychski in yet a third role.)
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Dangerous Liaisons is just glorious.
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Best answer: Frock Flicks costume blog/podcast has a list of their 5 favorite films set in the 17th century and also sorts their reviews by century. I happily went down several rabbit holes on this blog; hope you enjoy it too!
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Response by poster: man, England isn't really what I need for this project but RUFUS SEWELL AS CHARLES II!!! Praise the LORD and pass the popcorn, this is a great day
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If you can find it, this East German biopic about the Spanish painter Goya.
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Best answer: There are a lot of Turkish historical TV dramas - it's apparently a huge industry. The closest I could find was Magnificent Century, set in the 1500s, and there's a sequel apparently set during the early 17th century(?). Looks like some episodes are on YouTube.

No idea how accurate the costuming and set design are.
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Best answer: Came here to mention World Behind The Veil, apologies as it's a written work (as per your "written materials don't help me much") but it's loaded with pictures that often contrast the Western "Oriental" view of the region, and the actual life and art produced there (Turkey/Constantinople).
I wanted to thank everyone for posting such fabulous links, oh my! FrockFlicks is definitely my thing, among many others.
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