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I'm looking for a font similar to this one, but with paint brushes instead of crayons.

I'm going to use it to label the artwork the babies in my classroom do. I have to put up their artwork for Step Up to Quality and I like finding fun fonts to do so. I haven't hit on the right combination of search terms to find what I want. One with pencils would be cool too.

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Best answer: Found the Pencil font, but not one with paintbrushes.
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The first place I would look is through the Fancy>Decorative category on Dafont. It may take a while, but my guess is there's at least one there. Trouble with your desired font, is searching for brush or paintbrush are going to get so.many.fonts that look like they were MADE by a paintbrush, not with a picture of one in the font.

I may keep looking tomorrow, but I'm at about 3% energy level for tonight and about to go to bed. Wanted to go ahead and share this in case you or anyone wanted to browse through them...
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"cartoon paint brush shaped letter" yields some images.
Also found a really neat K.
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Want to try to make your own? Find a base font you like and put the letters in a grid layout in whatever drawing app you have. Find a clip art paintbrush and paste it onto the letters like the crayon font. Then take a screenshot and upload it to Calligraphr and it will make it into a font!

Here's some other make-your-own font apps
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Response by poster: Thanks. I knew the pencil one existed but I couldn't find it. And searching was futile last night given what I wanted.

Ananci, I might try that if I have some time this weekend. I have 0 artistic talent but I'm game for a challenge.
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