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Is there an Ask MeFi-type website purely for cooking-related questions?
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eGullet or Chowhound come to mind. Not exactly Q&A format but you can certainly ask questions and get good informed responses.

Certain subreddits as well - Cooking (for general cooking stuff), or AskCulinary to ask culinary professionals.
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Response by poster: Links would be so helpful, especially for sub-Reddits and the like.
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I haven't used it personally, but there's a StackExchange subsite for nearly everything, including cooking.
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I was also just typing an answer about the Stack Exchange subsite Seasoned Advice. I'm not an active participant over there, so I can't vouch for community engagement. Stack in general has had some problems with being unwelcoming (previously on the Blue) towards amateurs and newbies, but the Cooking stack conversations I've seen on via Google haven't been bad.
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Seconding AskCulinary. Really good signal-to-noise ratio.
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Not quite what you're asking for, but if you have any baking-related questions, the people at King Arthur Flour are top notch.
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I've definitely found answers on AskCulinary and the Cooking Stack Exchange. The only question I can think of having asked was in the fermentation subreddit, which got good responses.
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+1 to r/AskCulinary. There are also more specialized subreddits with lower volume of posts but still primarily high quality responses, like


I generally don't like to send people to reddit but these parts of the cooking/food community are good. r/food and r/cooking less so--much larger audience, much more noise, and sometimes The Rest of Reddit leaks in.

+1 to Chowhound and eGullet as well, though neither of them have quite the same prolific userbase they used to.
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