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Are there any barbershops that specialize in beards in New York City? Thanks!
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When I had a long beard (a couple years ago now) I had great experiences at Rudy's on 29th east of Broadway. They were good with trims, shaping, etc., and with advice on taking care of it myself, which I really appreciated because it was a first for me.

Looks like all beard trims are on hold there now, which is likely true all over: "Due to COVID-19 health and safety best practices and required masks, no beard trimming available until further notice." (I see conflicting or at least hard-to-parse NYS licensing info on whether beard trims are allowed right now, but that's not specifically what you've asked about.)
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Tuft Barber is the spiritual (although not corporate) successor to Freeman's Sporting Club Barber, which largely kicked off the barbering renaissance in NYC about 15 years ago. (This is making me feel old.) My favorite guy there moved to Tacoma, WA, though, so I can't recommend someone in particular, but in general they're very good with beards and they should be able to help you out with who specializes.

According to their web site, they're not currently doing beard trimming or shaves though because of COVID. On the other hand, the web site seems to let you book those services, so I don't know what the real status is. Probably have to give them a call.

There are a ton of other possibilities in NY due to the popularity of beards here, but having tried others (Hills Barber Shop in Forest Hills, Queens, and Bedford Barbers on the UES), when the pandemic is over, I'm planning on heading back to Tuft.

There are probably options in Brooklyn that are just as good, but I don't know Brooklyn well.
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I also came in to recommend Rudy’s.
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DM me if you'd like the number for a barber. When I lived in NYC, he'd come to my apartment or I'd go to his. I originally met him when he was at Persons of Interest in Williamsburg, but the home visit thing was really great. He did good beard work.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! Definitely planning to wait until I'm vaccinated and the restrictions in question are lifted. This COVID beard should be pretty massive by then. :)
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